My PCOS Adventure

From diagnosis to today, my journey with PCOS and hope.


Homemade Sugar Free Granola Recipe

After a few days of eating out all I’ve been craving is sugar. Once you spike your insulin levels (by eating foods with sugars) it’s usual for your body to crave more sugar in the following days, another wonderful symptom of PCOS 🙃. Stopping those cravings takes serious will power, at least it does for…

My Healthy Travel Tips

Below I’ve listed a few of the healthy tips I’ve learned over years of car trips, plane rides, and staying in hotels with my team and family. These tips are great for PCOS cysters, Dairy  Avoiders, or just anyone in general! Pack Healthy Snacks!! I always always make sure I have healthy snacks with me on a…

My trip to OKC/Arkansas

To start off my senior year spring break my parents and I flew to Oklahoma City to see my sister and her husband in their new house and then went on to do another campus visit in Arkansas. We flew in to OKC and got in just in time to meet Allie and Jesse for…

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Idea

I love having smoked salmon for breakfast, it’s high in protein, low in calories, and it offers so many nutrients essential for PCOS cysters like myself