My trip to OKC/Arkansas

To start off my senior year spring break my parents and I flew to Oklahoma City to see my sister and her husband in their new house and then went on to do another campus visit in Arkansas. We flew in to OKC and got in just in time to meet Allie and Jesse for dinner. We ate at an amazing place called Guernsey Park and I’ll admit I was a little nervous at first that I wouldn’t find anything I could eat on the menu that would fit my dietary needs but the servers were so accommodating!! I ended up ordering the daily special of rainbow trout and it was absolutley divine – dairy free, gluten free, and sugar free 🙂 We ended up staying at The Hilton Garden Inn in Bricktown which was right next to the OKC Baseball stadium. Unfortunately there was no game this weekend because our room overlooked the stadium, we could have watched the whole game without leaving our room. I was a little disappointed with the breakfast choices in the morning (well mainly the costly price you had to pay for the breakfast choices) but I was able to find some oatmeal which I mixed with peanut butter, strawberries, almonds, and cinnamon for a healthy breakfast. After walking around the downtown square by our hotel we met with Allie and Jesse again for an amazing brunch/lunch at Whiskey Cakes. There were plenty of healthy options here and everything was delicious. After lunch we set off for the 3 1/2 hour drive to Fayetteville.

In Fayetteville we stayed at The Chancellor, a beautiful hotel in the square of Fayetteville and conveniently located (2 minute drive) to campus. Though we didn’t eat there this trip I highly recommend the restaurant A Taste of Thai, (a Thai place obviously) within walking distance from our hotel. We ate there last year and my mouth till waters thinking about how good the curry was, leave off the rice and it’s even healthy. One of the restaurants we did eat at on this trip was Arsaga’s Depot. This breakfast place was the perfect meal to fuel us for a day of hiking at Devil’s Den as their meals were hearty and really stuck with us. I ordered the rice omelet as the idea of implementing resistant starches was fresh on my mind after reading Clare’s PCOS blog. I was so full I hardly needed to eat the rest of the day and a smoothie was the perfect meal to snack on for lunch. If you’ve seen my instagram you’ll know that I absolutely loved the smoothie place we ended up at, Berry Natural. The shop is a small, hole in the wall kind of a place but it was so amazing! The chef made the smoothie right in front of us, she cared so much about the ingredients she put in, and she had so many options for dairy free smoothies!! Dairy free, sugar free, organic, tasty, what more could a PCOS girl ask for?? She even let us sample some of her homemade almond milk which she made with cinnamon and vanilla and it was by far the best thing I have ever drank and the best part was it was all natural, sugar free, and of course, dairy free. I ordered the Papaw and Nana but all of the choices looked divine.


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