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Hi y’all my name is Mollie Bond, I am a senior in high school who will be attending the University of Arkansas in the fall with the intent to pursue a nutrition degree. I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year and a half ago. When I was diagnosed I was scared, confused, and angry. This was mainly because I knew nothing about PCOS, all I knew was that I was different from other girls my age and that’s not exactly what a high school teenage girl wants to hear. I’m here to tell you that PCOS doesn’t have to be scary. You are not predestined to a life of obesity and messy symptoms, you are not alone. If you look around you’ll find (like I did) that there are thousands of women around the world who are struggling and fighting the same battles you are everyday as a PCOS cyster. PCOS does not predestine you to a life of obesity, but that being said, PCOS doesn’t make it easy to lose weight.You can be fit and healthy while having PCOS you just have to work for it, like everything in life. No, it is not fair that others can eat whatever sugary foods they want and not gain the weight that you do, that your metabolism is slower than others, that you’re “different” than other girls, but I’m a strong believer that God does not give us any burden that he does not feel we are strong enough to handle. Being a PCOS cyster does not only mean you have been diagnosed with PCOS but that God believes you are a strong enough woman to be able to handle it, so keep your head up and your outlook positive 🙂 As I said, I am a senior in high school. I am not a registered dietitian or nutritionist, though I hope to be, all of my advice, tips, and recipes are simply things that I have learned from my PCOS journey or research I have done on my own. My goal is to help women who struggle, like myself, with PCOS, but I believe this site is helpful for any woman looking to get fit or focus on their nutrition. Though it is targeted for PCOS woman, I hope that this site will find anyone that is struggling or who wishes to better themselves and help inspire them to do the daily grind it takes to be fit. I’m new to the whole blog thing but my dream is to become a registered dietician and run a nutrition blog for real so this is just me trying to get some practice in before college. I hope you all enjoy my blog! Feel free to drop me an email (fitmollie@gmail.com) with any questions, comments, or concerns, I would love to help. Thanks so much for visiting my page!

about me