A Brief History of Women’s Independence (With Cultural Perspective)

In honor of 4th of July, I decided to create my own timeline, “A Brief History of Women’s Independence (with cultural perspective)”. I wanted to remind myself of just how recent the rights I often take for granted were won. In particular, I wanted to give myself a little bit of perspective on women’s rights, on just how recently we were able to do certain things, and just how far we’ve come.

The Coming of the Rain

The grass felt cool beneath my feet and the greenery around me erupted with vibrancy against the grayness of the sky. Their ears perked up, for they could sense it too, the coming of the Rain.

Speak – a Poem

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”
-Oprah Winfrey

Evan Wordlaw

“Passion is the wrong word for my relationship with rap. I like to say I care. There’s something fiery about passion, and it’s something that burns out very easily. When I think of ‘care’ I think of an enduring bond, an attachment that doesn’t dwindle. When a parent ‘cares’ for their child… it’s not something you grow out of. There are days when your kid gets on your nerves and you don’t feel like doing it, but you do it because you care. Rain or shine. I care about rap. It is the brightest light I have ever seen, and staring into it has set my heart a glow.”

My trip to OKC/Arkansas

To start off my senior year spring break my parents and I flew to Oklahoma City to see my sister and her husband in their new house and then went on to do another campus visit in Arkansas. We flew in to OKC and got in just in time to meet Allie and Jesse for…

Junkyard Dog

This post is long overdue, but with a busy week of wedding festivities I simply did not have the time or energy I needed to write this. I wanted to share the story of my beautiful dog Bailey, who passed away this New Years Eve. Now Bailey was not our first dog, but she was…

But to no a veil

I just wanted to give a little more in depth recap of yesterday’s party, mostly just so I can relive the night and preserve every memory I have of it. As I said yesterday, our day got started early. Allie, Catherine, and I slumped out of bed (where we all wished we could stay a…

Unrehearsed Rehearsal

Well today was the day I had to give that fateful, unrehearsed, thrown together speech. For a girl who’s face turns the color of tomatoes, knees shake, and palms sweat when she raises her hand to ask to go to the bathroom in class, the speech really wasn’t all that bad. It’s truly amazing what…